Herbal Smudge Stick
  • Fresh Herbs - rosemary, sage, mint, lemongrass...use your imagination or refer to herb chart if you would like your smudge stick to represent a language of herbs
  • Cotton twine or string - DMC embroidery floss works wonderful - nothing synthetic


  • Cut your herbs to six inches in length. You can make them as long as you want, but six inches is a good size.
  • Lay your herbs on top of each other. Bunch enough herbs together until it’s about an inch thick.
  • With a long piece of  string, wrap the bottom of the herbs together. Loop it several times to secure it. I like to start by making a loop and leave it hang out the bottom of herbs, then start wrapping to make your handle (be sure to leave end of string slightly sticking out so you can pull it later)
  • Wind your string around the length of the herb bunch, pulling the herbs in tightly (herbs will shrink as they dry).  You can do fancy loops or just a simple wrap – whatever holds the bunch together.
  • When you get to the top of your bunch, wind the string around the end of the smudge stick and work your way back down to end.
  • Remember that loop? Thread your wrapping end through loop, pull other end of string (the one you left sticking out) and it will pull your end under tight wrap, no need to knot. You’ve got a smudge stick! Let it dry 2-4 weeks..deepending on humidity and conditions and your good to go. When you use smudge stick always have a container to catch your ashes as you walk through your home.





From the Full Moon Native recipe files