Spud Barrel

Growing Potatoes in "The Spuds" Barrel

Potatoes like cooler temperatures, in Florida they are a winter and spring crop.

Ready to harvest 80 - 110 days

Bush beans are a good companion plant for potatoes.

  • Fill bottom of barrel with 6" of soil and compost - potatoes like an acidic mix that drains well, do not pack down.
  • Plant seed potatoes a few inches deep - for the best yield plant seed pieces about the size of a small chicken egg. Do not use potatoes from grocery store as they may not be a local variety.
  • When you have 6-8 inches of foliage add more soil mix covering 1/2 to 2/3 of stem. Moisten soil using a good liquid fertilizer. Do this each time you have a flush of new growth until barrel is filled to top.
  • Potatoes are starting to grow when the plants flower. Once they start to flower, stop feeding! After a bit you will be able to reach down and feel the potatoes growing on the root. The small potatoes are new potatoes, gently pull some of these potatoes, boil in their skins then sprinkle with butter and parsley.
  • Once plants stop flowering and begin to turn yellow and die back your potatoes are ready to harvest - dig by hand or tip over barrel. One rule of thumb is to cut plant at soild surface and leave the potatoes buried for another two-three weeks to mature and increase storage time.
  • Keep potatoes in a dark, well-ventilated cool place (60-65 degree) for ten to fourteen days after harvest to allow cuts and bruises to heal. Then store in a location with high humidity, good aeration and colder temps (38-40 degree) - the tubers may sprout at warmer temps. If you wash prior to storage, allow to dry thoroughly prior to storing. Potatoes can be stored for three to six months or more.