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Native and Waterwise Landscape Services

The following is a summary of the landscape services we offer at Full Moon Natives. Whether it's just a site visit or a full scale plan and installation project, we are here to help you with your native landscape needs.

Site Consultation:
With a site consultation, we will visit your location and walk the site with you providing suggestions for native plants based upon your input as well as site, soil and sun conditions. There is no plan or estimate provided with this service however the information you receive from the visit will enable you to start generating a plan on your own.

Many homeowners decide to go to the next step which is....

Site Plan / Estimate:
With this service, we will develop a landscape plan for your residence based upon your input, location and site/sun conditions. The plan will list all of the recommended plant locations, provide a listing of the native plants recommended as well as a cost estimate for the selected plants. Installation services are optional and can be provided int he estimate upon request. Please note that Full Moon Natives will only provide landscape plans for native Florida plants. The homeowner, of course, can add additional plants of their choice at a later date.

Installation Services:
Installation services are available from Full Moon Natives for Florida native plants. We will be happy to provide installation estimates upon request.

Landscape Photo Gallery - click on link to enter gallery:

Full Moon Native Landscapes

Our Customer's Landscapes

Native Landscapes around Central Florida

Native Landscapes courtesy of Maple Street Natives


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