Carrot Scarlet Nantes Organic Seed
Daucus - carota

Scarlet Nantes is an old favorite for many reasons. It has a reputation for sweet flavor, crisp texture, tenderness, abundant production, and consistent quality. The bright orange-red roots are cylindrical in shape and 6"-7" long. There is no finer garden treat than a homegrown carrot! This packet plants one 12-foot row. Although carrots "prefer cool soils to begin life and warm soils to finish it", you can grow both a spring and fall crop. Carrots will germinate in soils as cool as 45 degrees, and in the fall they can still be dug from the garden and eaten until the ground freezes.

When to plant outside: RECOMMENDED. First sowing should be 2-4 weeks before average last frost. Successive plantings can be sown every 3-4 weeks until 60 days before the first fall frost. In warm climates with lows above 25 degrees, they can be grown all winter.

When to start inside: Not recommended.

Special Germination Instructions: Soak seeds in water for 12 hours before sowing. (Press them dry between paper towels afterwards to reduce clumping.) Plant 4 seeds per inch. When inch tall, thin to 1 plant per every 3 inches. A favorite gardening tip is to alternate carrot seeds and radish seeds. The radishes will mature first. As they are pulled, the carrots then have more growing room and water going towards their roots from the spaces in between.