Bean Pole Kentucky Wonder Seed
Phaseolus - vulgaris

This heirloom variety, introduced before 1864, has excellent flavor. A heavy producer, it is meaty and tender. Growing well even in hot climates, it out-produces most other pole bean plants with heavy crops of 9" long, gently curved, oval pods. It is a multi-use bean that is great for drying, shelling, and fresh green beans. Grow it up poles, trellises, fences, or a teepee made of poles (which is a great tent for kids or a cool spot to grow lettuce!).
When to plant outside: RECOMMENDED. Sow in spring, after average last frost. If the weather is cold and wet, wait for warmer weather. Note: In very hot summer areas such as the south and southwest, plant in March for June harvest and in August for late September harvest.

When to start inside: Not recommended.