Santaka Hot Asian Chile Pepper

Popular in Japan for their hot and spicy flavor, Santaka peppers are only 2 inches long, but pack a punch. Use fresh peppers in a variety of Asian dishes such as stir-fries and soups. Peppers can also be dried.
40,000-50,000 Scoville Heat Units (hot).

When to sow outside: 2 to 4 weeks after average last frost when air temperature is at least 70° F and soil temperature is at least 65° F.

When to start inside: RECOMMENDED. 8 to 10 weeks before average last frost. In USDA zones 9 & 10, can also sow in midsummer for fall crop.

Harvesting: Pick at any stage for fresh use. For drying peppers, allow to reach maturity, 2.5" long and red. Continual harvest will encourage plants to bear for months. When harvesting, take care to avoid touching the interior of any broken peppers, as the capsaicin is an extreme irritant, especially to the eyes. Wash hands thoroughly after harvesting, or wear gloves to harvest peppers.

Artist: Jackie McFarland