Radish Cherry Belle Organic Seed
Raphanus - sativus

This heirloom is a standard for gardeners who love to grow their own radishes. Mild flavored with solid white flesh, it is great eaten fresh, in salads, or for a crisp crunch in sandwiches. Ready to harvest in only 24 days, it is an easy and rewarding crop for both experienced gardeners and kids! Cherry Belle can be grown in the cool periods of spring and fall. This packet plants: One 20-foot row or seven successive plantings of 3-foot rows.

When to Plant Outside: RECOMMENDED. Early spring as soon as soil temperature is above 40 degrees. Germinates fastest at 60 degrees. Successive plantings every 10 days until late spring. Sow again in late summer until the first day of frost.

When to start inside: Not recommended.