Onion Yellow Granex PRR Seed

120-150 days. The secret to growing really sweet, mild onions is to start with a sweet short day variety and have soil that is very low in sulfur. Yellow Granex PRR (pink root resistant) is one of the few varieties approved by the Georgia Agricultural Commission to be sold as a Vidalia® Onion when it is grown in approved areas near Vidalia, GA. 3" - 4" and excellent for eating fresh. As a short day onion, it grows best in the southern states, south of the 35th parallel.

When to sow outside: In late summer or early fall. Mid-October is the recommended traditional planting period.

When to start inside: In late summer, 8 to 10 weeks before transplanting outside. Transplant outside no later than 6 weeks before average first fall frost.

Harvesting: Fall-planted, short-day onions are harvested in late spring, typically between April and June. They are mature when their necks feel soft and/or the tops have fallen over. When 50% of the tops have fallen over and are lying on the ground, knock the rest over. A week or two later when much of the foliage has dried, dig onions with a garden fork. Do not remove foliage. Dry in the garden in the sun for a couple of days. After drying, remove the roots and greens, but leave about 1" of the neck to seal and prevent entrance of decay organisms.