How to build a Tomato Pail

How to build a Tomato Pail

Get approximately a 5 gallon plastic pail - clean thoroughly

On inside of pail measure 1" up from bottom and drill your drainage hole (on side of pail - see photo)

Take an old piece of screen and tape over drainage hole on inside of pail, this will hold your soil mixture in pail

Fill bottom of bucket to bottom of drainage hole with gravel, rock....some folks use leaves, twigs

Fill remainder of bucket with your planting soil mix, tomato plant and tomato cage - you are good to go. We put drip irrigation in our buckets.

This system allows water to remain in bottom of pail to feed plant, but keeps the top portion dryer so roots do not rot. We have had much success with this system. Don't forget to put your cages on plants early - we were late putting them on the above pictured plants and that was not a lot of fun.

There's nothing better than a home-grown tomato. We were eating out of the garden til the first hard freeze this past winter (forgot to cover plants). Growing from seed this year and can't wait for plants to come out of greenhouse and into the garden.

Right photo - Sweet Millions

Sweet Millions